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Brass History
Oct 16, 2018

So far, the earliest copper products found in the world are mainly in West Asia, such as the Zhawe Chermi area in Iraq. Copper ornaments were found, dating from 10,000 BC to 9000 BC; Ali in western Iran. · The Kashgar area has also been found in copper ornaments from 9000 BC to 7000 BC; copper needles and copper cones were unearthed at the Chayoni site in southern Turkey, about eight thousand years BC. These copper products are all made of natural red copper, not copper obtained by smelting ore.

From the use of pure copper, to the smelting of copper ore to obtain pure copper, and then to the smelting of bronze alloys, humans have experienced a long period of exploration, just like the magic world, using copper to create a gleaming time and space. tunnel.

At present, the earliest smelting copper in the world is found in Shaanxi, China. [1] In 1973, a semi-circular brass piece and a brass tube were found in the Jiangzhai cultural site in Linyi, Shaanxi Province. The age was measured around 4700 BC. It is worth noting that the recent X-ray fluorescence surface scanning analysis in Shanghai light source found that the zinc content of different parts of Jiangzhai brass piece was significantly different, while the lead element was distributed in a sporadic manner, and its characteristics were yellow prepared by solid state reduction method. The copper is exactly the same, which proves that the ancestors used the hot calcination method or the solid reduction method to smelt the metal between the natural metal and the invented metal casting.

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