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Coupler Working Principle
Oct 16, 2018

Principle analogy:

The cabbage fields on the north and south sides of Lao Zhang are divided into three parts. Lao Zhang hopes to change through a one-time waterway, and each part gets a small part of the water flow from the main waterway. The water flow speed is the same as other grounds, as shown in Figure 1. Show.

In this way, the old Zhang can rest in the shade for a period of time, without having to make any waterway changes, and all the grounds are poured at the same time.

The coupler is a radio frequency device that extracts a small portion of the signal from the wireless signal trunk channel. As shown in Figure 2, it is a power distribution device like the power divider. The difference is that the coupler is a unequal power distribution device. The coupler is used in conjunction with the power splitter to achieve a goal - to enable the transmit power of the signal source to be evenly distributed to the individual antenna ports of the indoor distribution system, so that the transmit power of each antenna port is substantially the same.

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